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What is Play'in the Lines?

Play'in the Lines is a computer program designed to improve the printing skills of children through intervention in the area of motor planning. Play'in the Lines has been developed in conjunction with Ready, Set, Move'in game, and provides children with a summary page of To Do Cards, journal sheets with choice of line type and size, and workbook sheets with choice of strokes, shapes, letters and numbers.


  1. Select the required To Do Cards by clicking the check box beside the card numbers (the number of characters that the child can print in one minute is entered beside card number 9) then click the LOAD arrow to send the page to the printer queue. This step can be repeated if the first page didn't fit all of the cards that are required.
  2. Set up the journal pages as follows:
  3. Once the page looks exactly the way you want it, click the LOAD arrow to add the page to the printer queue.
  4. The recycle symbol may be clicked to remove the last page added to the printer queue.
  5. Follow the instructions supplied with the Move'in Program to enable printing.
  6. Click the printer to print all of the journal and workbook pages in the printer queue.
  7. Note If the pages do not print please follow the instructions supplied with the Move'in Program or contact us at for assistance.

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If you have problems operating Play'in the Lines, and you have checked your system requirements and installed the latest Flash Player, please contact us at